10 Crochet Soap Saver Patterns

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One of my earliest crochet projects was to make myself a sustainable crochet soap saver to use in the bathroom. I specifically love using my skill for useful crochet projects that I can use around my home and help me to make eco friendly swaps.

It can sometimes be overwhelming to choose which project to spend your time on so I have collated a list of different types of crochet soap saver patterns for you to browse through. I’m sure there will be something here that suits your style and your homes aesthetic.

Which Yarn to Use for a Soap Saver

It depends on what type of soap saver you want to end up with. Do you want a soft squidgy soap saver or an exfoliating one? Either way, I would really recommend using a natural, plant based yarn so that when you have used the soap saver to its limit, you can simply cut it up and put it in the compost. This way it will leave no trace and you can make another. Easy and sustainable.

If you want a gently exfoliating soap saver I would suggest using something like hemp, nettle or linen as these have a bit more texture to them than a cotton yarn.

If you’re after a softer soap saver then I would use an organic cotton yarn. Be sure to check the pattern you have chosen to work on to see which weight of yarn is needed for the pattern.

If you can, I would avoid using any synthetic yarns like polyester, nylon or those that have elastane in them to make soap savers as they can shed microplastics into our water streams and once they’re no longer usable you can’t do anything else but send them to landfill.

Yarn Recommendations

Here are some yarns that I would recommend using to make soap savers. Again, please check the pattern you are working with to make sure the weight is appropriate for your project.

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Beaded Crochet Soap Saver Pattern - Zamiguz

This crochet soap saver pattern has a structured body with small holes and a drawstring closure to keep your soap safe inside whilst you shower. You will need two beads for the drawstring to make this complete.

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Dad’s Soap On a Rope Pattern - Through the Loop Yarn Craft

If you’re looking for a really quick and easy pattern to work up then this is the one! It will take you no time at all to have this ready for your next shower and it fits perfectly snug around your bar of soap.

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Chevron Crochet Soap Saver Pattern - byGoldenberry 

Something a bit more challenging is this functional crochet soap saver pattern designed by yours truly. It has enough gaps to let out the soap suds but not too many which means it will keep all those tiny bits of soap safely inside. It features a unique chevron pattern, a lid to close so there are no soggy dangly bits and a loop to hang it up to dry. This is what I use and I absolutely love it. Made in hemp yarn to ensure its sustainability and care for the environment.

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Pineapple Soap Bag Pattern - Krissys Over the Mountain Crochet 

A truly unique soap bag pattern, designed in the shape and style of a real pineapple with a yellow body and green top. The holes in the body of the bag are shaped like the pattern on a pineapple. It’s really a work of art. These would make perfect gifts.

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Symmetrical Soap Saver Pattern - Hooked on Patterns

Fitting a standard bar of soap, roughly 100g - 150g, this crochet soap saver pattern has a lovely grid shaped body with symmetrical holes and a different coloured top and bottom which I love. The handy, long hanging loop also closes the bag at the top to keep your soap secure.

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Recycled Cotton Soap Saver Pattern - CAAB Crochet

I absolutely love this soap saver pattern. It uses recycled cotton yarn, has its own unique stitch to create a hole-y, airy pouch that keeps all the bits of soap in and has a drawstring to close the top.

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Radiant Soap Saver Pattern - The Loop Hole Fox

A functional and gorgeous soap saver pattern that would make perfect gifts or a lovely addition to a spa set. It has been designed using 100% cotton yarn and features some texture with puff stitches to make it more luxurious.

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Striped Soap Saver Pattern - Knitting with Chopsticks 

Soaps come in all shapes and sizes so if you’re not sure which size you need or you have a fancy soap with a specific shape then this is the pattern for you. This crochet soap saver pattern comes in two different sizes to make sure you can make a soap saver to fit the soap you have on hand.

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i-Cord Crochet Soap Saver Pattern - Briana K Designs

A truly professional looking crochet soap saver that would make your gifts stand out. Featuring a simple stitch around the body to make it an easy pattern with the added extras of an i-cord drawstring and a wooden bead to take it to the next level.

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Elegant Soap Saver Pattern - Nickis Homemade Crafts

A really elegant soap saver crochet pattern that would create beautiful additions to your spa gift sets. It has a symmetrical stitch pattern and an i-cord drawstring closer. It’s easy to make as it uses easy crochet stitches to create something really worth gifting to your friends and family.

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Tina Rinaudo

Tina is a passionate zero waster and crocheter who aims to live and crochet as sustainably as possible. She has been crocheting since 2016 and specialises in using sustainable yarns to design zero waste crochet patterns to make easy swaps for yourselves and your homes. She has been featured in Happily Hooked Magazine, PatternCenter.com and many other websites for her eco friendly crochet patterns.


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