Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about byGoldenberry? Check the below faqs to see if it has already been answered. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

1. What inspires your crochet patterns?

Most of my designs come from things I need/want for myself or my home whilst trying to follow a low waste life. I create them for myself and then want to share them with you too :)

2. Can I sell items made using your crochet patterns?

Yes of course! However, I do ask that you do not use my photos unless I have given you permission to do so and please remember to credit byGoldenberry as the designer.

3. Where else can I find your patterns?

My crochet patterns are also available on Etsy, Ribblr, LoveCrafts and Ravelry.

4. Where does your hemp yarn come from?

The hemp yarn that I stock is grown and spun in Romania. The producers use nature (rain water and wind) to ret the fibres and then again only use water to spin them into yarns. The water they use in this process is then filtered and reused.

5. Why do you recommend hemp yarn to make zero waste items?

For me, hemp is the ultimate fibre. It is superior to cotton and linen for a few reasons.

  1. Hemp is a high yielding crop which means you get more fibre in the same amount of land than you would linen and cotton. Plus is needs a lot less water to grow, making it a less energy intensive plant.

  2. Hemp fibres are longer than flax (linen) which makes the yarn stronger (reportedly 8 times stronger) which in turn means it has the longest shelf life of any natural fibre. So your sponges, dishcloths and soap savers will last longer than cotton or linen versions.

  3. It’s completely natural. Hemp needs no pesticides to grow because no bugs want to make their home on the plants. Making it naturally organic.

  4. Hemp is naturally antibacterial and resistant to mould and rot. Your hemp sponges will never smell or go mouldy even without washing them.

  5. Hemp has the potential to consume 4 times the amount of carbon dioxide than trees whilst it is growing. Anything that can help to reduce the damage we have done to the environment I am 100% behind it.

  6. The best of all is that it’s cultivation regenerates the soil. Our soil has sadly been damaged by pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. By supporting the cultivation of hemp, we are helping to restore what we have lost.

6. How will my items be packaged?

I try to follow the rules of reduce, reuse, recycle as much as I can. Most of my packaging materials come from orders I have received myself or from friends and family who have saved them and passed them onto me. If I need something new I purchase sustainable paper/card packaging materials.

I firstly wrap your items in repurposed paper and tie them with hemp yarn.

Included in your package will be a hand written note written on repurposed paper along with a byGoldenberry business card printed on FSC certified 100% post-consumer recycled uncoated paper.

The whole package is then wrapped for postage using repurposed paper/card materials and secured with paper tape.

7. Do you sell wholesale yarn?

Yes. You can find a wholesale section in my shop for hemp yarn where you can buy 1 kilo cones. If you are looking for a larger quantity please get in touch for prices.

8. Can I put my 100% hemp items in the washing machine?

Yes! Your hemp washing up sponges, soap savers and dishcloths can just go into your washing machine with your clothes or towels (max 30) however I never find it necessary. Please be aware that they may shrink slightly due to the fact that the hemp I sell is completely natural.