Free Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

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If you’re looking for a free dishcloth crochet pattern that is also aesthetically pleasing and functional, then you’re in the right place. I originally made this dishcloth pattern for myself to use in my own home and I use them everywhere.

About the Pattern

This dishcloth pattern was one of my first crochet pattern designs and I still love it as much as the day I designed it. The pattern is pretty, textured and enjoyable to make and I use them for anything and everything in my own home. I have one for washing our dishes, one for wiping our work surfaces, one for cleaning the bathroom sinks and another for wiping up small floor spills so I don’t need to fill a mop bucket of water. You can even use it as a flannel in the shower if you like, it’s so versatile.

If you’re new to low waste living then this is a really useful crochet project to get you started.

The pattern is completely free on this page. However, if you would like to support my work you can buy the AD FREE, downloadable PDF with more photos in my shop.

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Pattern Details

Which Yarn to Use

I designed it using 100% hemp in sport weight. I am biased :) but I think it is the best material for the pattern for these reasons:

  • It’s naturally antibacterial, which means it won’t get smelly or mouldy and you won’t need to wash it as often.

  • It’s a little bit rough to start with and then softens as you wash it. Which makes it great for washing dishes or as a gently exfoliating flannel to begin with but then once they soften you can use them for wiping up your spills.

  • It’s fully home compostable so once you’ve worn them out you can just cut them up and put them in the compost and make a new one. Easy and waste free.

Yarn Alternatives: Here are some alternative yarns that I think would work really well although if you use cotton they won’t be as scrubby/exfoliating as hemp or nettle.

Lion Brand A Star is Born: Oh Baby Yarn (100% Organic Cotton)

Love Crafts Schachenmayr Organic Cotton (100% Organic Cotton)

Knit Picks Simply Organic Cotton Sport (100% Organic Cotton)

Darn Good Yarn Single Ply Nettle (100% Nettle)

What else you will need

Hook: 3.0mm / C-2
Scissors: For cutting your ends
Darning needle: For weaving in your ends

Dishcloth Measurements

Width: 14cm/5.75"
Height: 16cm/6.5”

Crochet Terms

The pattern is written in U.S. crochet terms. You can find the U.K. crochet equivalents in the abbreviations section below.


Ch = Chain
St = Stitch
Ss = Slip Stitch
Sc = Singe Crochet (U.K. Double Crochet)
Dc = Double Crochet (U.K. Treble Crochet)
Cs = Crab Stitch
3SP = 3 Stitch Puff
How to make a 3 stitch puff -> * Yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull back through * x 3 (7 loops on hook). Yarn over, pull through all loops on hook.


10 Dc x 10 rows = approx 5cm x 10.5cm (2” x 4”)

The Pattern

Row 1: Ch 29.

Row 2: Ch 1. Dc into 2nd ch from hook. Dc to the end. Turn. (29 dc)

Row 3: Ch 2. Dc into 3rd dc from ch. 3SP into 1st dc from ch. * Skip next st, dc into next st, 3SP into same st as the previous dc * Repeat until the end of the row. Finish the row with a final dc in the last st. (You should have 14 puffs in a row). Turn.

Row 4: Ch 1. Dc into 1st st from ch. Continue with dc until the end. (29 dc)

Row 5: Repeat row 4 (29 dc)

Rows 6-15: Repeat rows 3, 4 and 5 until you have 5 rows of puffs.

Row 16: Repeat row 4. (29 dc)

Edging: Finish the dishcloth with cs all the way around. Start your first cs in the dc you just finished on row 16. Make 2 cs in each corner. Finish with a ss.

Loop (optional): Ch 10. Ss into the corner of the dishcloth from where you started to make a loop. Turn and sc all the way around the ch. Ss into the corner of the dishcloth to finish. Weave in your ends to secure the loop.


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Tina Rinaudo

Tina is a passionate zero waster and crocheter who aims to live and crochet as sustainably as possible. She has been crocheting since 2016 and specialises in using sustainable yarns to design zero waste crochet patterns to make easy swaps for yourselves and your homes. She has been featured in Happily Hooked Magazine, and many other websites for her eco friendly crochet patterns.


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