Useful Crochet Projects

What Makes a Crochet Project Useful?

Here you will find a list of useful crochet projects that are functional, have a purpose and can be used in our everyday lives. What makes a crochet project useful for me is if it solves a problem in my life and I know that I will use the item that I am making. It could be a pattern for produce bags so that I don’t need to keep collecting plastic bags when I go for a food shop or it could be a clothing item that is more comfortable and made to fit perfectly to my body.

Why I Design Useful Crochet Projects

I love being able to use my skill to make useful items. I usually want to make something for myself that is more sustainable or functional, so I design crochet patterns with eco friendly yarn to solve a problem for myself and then share them with you :) I’m proud that these projects are not only purposeful but also do less harm to the environment.

A lot of my crochet patterns are designed with hemp yarn but you can use any sustainable alternatives available to you. I have a list of suggested yarns with all of my patterns in case you’re not sure.

List of Useful Crochet Projects

Braided Kitchen Scrubby

As mentioned about, this was my first design that solved the dish sponge issue I had. I no longer wanted to use plastic sponges and the braided hemp dish sponge was born.

It’s perfect, gently scrubby, bendable, squish-able and sustainable.


Hemp Dishcloth

I use these everyday in my kitchen and bathroom. I have one for washing the dishes, one for cleaning the bathroom sink and another for wiping down surfaces.

They’re so versatile and work great with a bit of bicarb to clean any tough stains.


Round Headphone Covers

A really useful crochet pattern for round headphone covers. If your headphones are anything like mine, with the foam disintegrating and shedding everywhere this is for you.

I removed the foam and designed a pattern to cover the earpieces to make them comfy again.


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V for Veggies Produce Bag

I love this design so much, it solves my problem perfectly in that it helps me to minimise my plastic bag collection.

I use the larger one for broccoli, cauliflower or potatoes. The medium for large fruit like oranges or for medium veg like courgettes, carrots, aubergines etc. The small one for ginger, garlic, and smaller fruit.


Chevron Soap Saver

This soap saver design makes sure that all the tiny bits of soap stay in the bag and get used up. There are no dangly bits of string that get wet, just the lid to close the top and the loop to hang it up with.

I use it every time I shower and love how gently exfoliating it is and completely natural.


Spider Face Scrubbies

These are just perfect for cleansing and removing makeup, they are more like a facial round than a scrubbie as such.

The design uses an even textured stitch which means the surface is smooth and great for around the eyes. They can be folded and used again to get the most out of each use.


Pangea Back Scrubber

I don’t know about you but I find it difficult sometimes to reach the whole of my back in the shower and I didn’t want to buy a plastic brush so I made my own back scrubber. It works perfectly!