byGoldenberry eGift Card

from €10.00

byGoldenberry electronic gift cards can be spent on anything in the shop including patterns, yarn, kits and gifts sets.

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If you know your friend would love something from the shop but you want them to choose, then a gift card is the best option. They can spend it on anything in the shop including patterns.

All you need to do is choose an amount to add to the gift card and either choose to send it to yourself or your friend via email.

byGoldenberry eGift Card Details

  • eGift cards never expire.

  • A physical gift card will not be sent out in the post, it will arrive via email only so there is no plastic waste.

  • The gift card amount can be spent all at once in one order or it can be spent on multiple orders as long as the order amount is less than the gift card amount.

  • Multiple gift cards can be used for one order.

  • If the order amount is more than the amount on the gift card, the remaining amount can be paid via a standard payment method.