4mm Organic Hemp Rope

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100% Hemp rope. Naturally organic, grown and wet spun in Europe under EU regulations and using only water in the production process, this rope is completely natural, undyed and unbleached.

This rope would be ideal for use in macrame projects, floral arranging, gardening and even to make welcome mats, plant holders, hammocks or soap on a rope.

Your skeins will be sent tracked in second hand card/paper packaging.

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• Yarn Weight: Rope / Super Bulky
• WPI (wraps per inch): 5
• Strand Diameter: 4mm
• 100g = Approx 8 Metres / 8.7 Yards

Please note: Colours may vary slightly from the photos due to the fact that each batch of rope differs depending on how long it has been left to ret. I will make sure your order is always from the same batch.

Wholesale is also available, get in touch for more info.

Shipping: Orders outside the EU may be subject to local taxes and customs charges.