Reusable Crochet Face Scrubbies Free Pattern

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You’re probably here because you’re nearing your last disposable cotton facial round and want to make your own zero waste face scrubbies. Well I have the perfect free crochet pattern for you right here that I designed for myself. I love them so much I want to share them with you to help you make another super easy zero waste swap. See more of my useful crochet projects.

A left hand is holding four crochet face scrubbies in it's palm with the thumb on top against a white background. The scrubbies are arranged in a circular fan shape. Two are teal and two are pastel pink.

These are designed in a sport weight, super soft organic cotton yarn which makes for the perfect facial round for removing makeup or cleansing. The pattern is an even texture of stitches which means the scrubby glides easily over your skin, isn’t too abrasive and resembles a standard cotton facial round; perfect for gentle areas like the eyes.

The pattern is completely free on this page. However, if you would like to support my work you can buy the AD FREE, downloadable PDF with more photos in my shop.

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Skill Level: Easy - Intermediate

I have marked this pattern as easy to intermediate because it is mostly easy but without stitch markers, keeping track of specific stitches can be a bit tricky.

New to Crochet? Learn Step by Step

Find all the beginner crochet tutorials in my step by step guide.

What yarn to use

The sample shown above uses roughly 20 gram / 55 yards / 50 meters of Debbie Bliss Eco Baby to make four scrubbies. You can use any sport or light DK.

Other Yarn Suggestions

Here are some other options that I think would work really well.

LoveCrafts Schachenmayr Organic Cotton (100% Organic Cotton)

Knit Picks Simply Organic Cotton Sport (100% Organic Cotton)


8.5cm diameter

What else you will need

Hook: 3mm - Metric | 11 - UK & Canada | C-2 - US | 5/0 - Japan
Scissors: For cutting the ends
Darning needle: To weave in the ends
Stitch Markers (optional): 15 stitch markers to keep track of specific stitches

Watch the Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial below or continue scrolling for the written instructions.


(10) = Numbers in brackets at the end of rows, show how many stitches you should have at that point.
** = Repeat instructions between the asterisks as many times as it states after the x or until the end of the round.
Ch = Chain
St(s) = Stitch(es)
Ss = Slip Stitch
Yo = Yarn Over
Pt = Pull Through
prev. = Previous

Stitches Used

Mr = Magic Ring. See my blog post for a recap.
Sc = Single Crochet (U.K. - Double Crochet)
Spider Stitch = Sc, ch1, sc


20 sc and 23 rows over 10cm (4”) 

The ad free, downloadable PDF pattern with more helpful photos is available in the shop.

A close up photo of one of the pastel pink crochet face scrubbies. It is round and has an uneven edge all the way around with a smooth surface and a small hole in the centre. The background is off white,

Pattern Notes

Stitch Markers: The optional stitch markers are used to keep track of the ch1s in the spider stitch. If you choose to mark the ch1s, be sure to use a different coloured stitch marker as your 'end of round’ marker so that you know when the round ends. The stitch marked with the ‘end of round’ marker is worked into at the end of each round. Once worked into, move the marker to the last ch1 of the round.

Tension: If your tension is tight, like mine, try to work the ch1s loosely. This will make it easier to work into them on the next round. 

Ending Each Round: There is no join (slip stitch) at the end of each round.

Save for Later
A photo of a white left hand holding 4 round crochet face scrubbies like a hand of cards. 2 are teal and 2 are pastel pink. The background is off white. Above there is orange text which reads "Crochet Face Scrubbies Free Pattern". This is for a pin.

The Pattern


Sc 8 into the mr. Join the two ends with ss. Mark the join with your end of round marker. (8)

Round 1: * Spider st into the first sc of mr. Mark the ch1 (optional) * repeat into each st. (8 ch1s)

Round 2: Spider st into each ch1 around. (8 ch1s)

Round 3: * Spider st into first sc of next spider. Spider into next ch1. Leave next sc unworked. * repeat til end (16 ch1s)

A close up photo of the first three rounds of the crochet face scrubbie. It is made in teal yarn, has an uneven edge all the way around and a silver paper clip marking the last chain 1. There is a silver crochet hook attached to the loop.

Here’s what you should have so far.

Round 4: Repeat row 2 (16 ch1s)

Round 5: Spider into first ch1. Spider into first sc of next spider. Spider into next ch1. 

* Spider into next ch1. Spider into first sc of next spider, spider into ch1 * repeat until the end (24 ch1s)

Round 6: Repeat row 2 (24 ch1s)

Ss into next ch1.

A full sized face scrubbie made in teal yarn. It has six rounds of stitches and an uneven edge. The silver crochet hook is still in the last loop

Nearly finished

Invisible Finish
Cut your yarn and pull the loop up so that the end of the yarn is pulled through the st. Weave the end of the yarn under both loops of the next sc. Weave the end back through the centre of the last st from the top.

That’s it! Your face scrubby is nearly ready to use. You can give it a quick wash with gentle, natural soap before using it for the first time and remember to wash it again with gentle soap after every wash so that it’s ready to use for next time.

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Tina Rinaudo

Tina is a passionate zero waster and crocheter who aims to live and crochet as sustainably as possible. She has been crocheting since 2016 and specialises in using sustainable yarns to design zero waste crochet patterns to make easy swaps for yourselves and your homes. She has been featured in Happily Hooked Magazine, and many other websites for her eco friendly crochet patterns.


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