How To Crochet Headphone Covers

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Why Did I Crochet Headphone Covers?

The headphones you see below were in bad shape. The original covers were peeling and shedding everywhere. I’ve had them for about 7 years and took them travelling with me so they’ve had a lot of use. It was definitely time to try and fix them and I love designing my own useful crochet projects so of course I was going to use crochet to help me make them useable again.

A pair of black headphones with the ear pieces covered in yellow crochet covers. The background is off white.

What Were The Original Covers Made Of?

I have a big bug bear with headphone covers, I mean, what are they even made of and why? They never last long before they start disintegrating and it bothers me that they’re not made of something more long lasting or natural. I had to look into it.

It turns out that ear pads / cushions are usually made of synthetic leather, real leather or velour and the reasons are for comfort, sound quality and noise isolation. I won’t go into detail about those here as that’s a whole other blog post.

Mine however were none of the above. They were made of synthetic foam which is super soft but porous and wears away quickly. Because of their porous surface they pick up a lot of dirt and they don’t handle extreme temperatures very well.

So in order to maintain the original cushions and make them last longer, we really need to take extra care with them. Keep them in a dedicated case away from sunlight, wipe them clean after every use and the advice is to wipe/wash them regularly with a damp cloth but I would be worried about micro plastics. Another suggestion is to replace them often but again I wouldn’t want to be doing that and keeping throwing away foam cushions.

What Did I Do With The Original Cushions?

Unfortunately, they were so bad there was nothing I could really do with them but put them in the bin. They were unsalvageable, ripped, shedding and I didn’t want the micro plastics to go anywhere else but in a bag away from any water.

You can probably tell that I didn’t want to replace the cushions with new foam ones as the same thing would probably happen eventually. I decided to make new cushions with what I had available. Let’s get to the pattern.

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Getting Started With The Pattern

What Size Headphones Is This Pattern For?

Mine are Sennheiser travel headphones that fold away easily into a small case. The ear pads themselves measure about 5cm in diameter without the cushion. They are also an exact circle which makes the pattern really easy and I will show you how to make them larger if you need them to be.

Watch The Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial below or continue scrolling for the written pattern.

What You Will Need

Hook: 4.5mm

Yarn: You will need a really soft, worsted weight yarn. I used Paintbox Yarns Recycled Cotton Worsted in honey but you could use any other sustainable, worsted yarn you like that matches the gauge and is soft enough to feel comfortable to wear for a long time. I suggest something natural like organic cotton so they are breathable.

Here are some other sustainable recommendations that I think could work really well.

Lion Brand Truboo (100% Bamboo)

Ice Yarns Organic Baby Cotton (100% Organic Cotton)


A Stitch Marker

Elastic Band (optional)


Mr = Magic Ring (see my video tutorial for a recap)
St = Stitch
Ss = Slip Stitch
Sc = Single Crochet (U.K. Double Crochet)
Blo = Back Loop Only
(10) = Numbers in brackets at the end of rows show how many stitches you should have at that point. 
** = Repeat instructions between the asterisks as many times as it states after the x or until the end of the round. 


16 sc and 20 rows over 10cm (4”).


  • Skill level: Easy.

  • The pattern is written in US crochet terms. Please see the abbreviations section above for conversions to UK terms.

  • The first stitch of each round is made into the stitch after the join.

  • The last stitch of each round is made into the marked stitch.

  • When counting your stitches, be sure to include the marked stitch.

  • To make the cushion hold onto the earpiece you can crochet the last round tighter than usual, use a smaller hook or crochet the last round over an elastic band. I simply crochet the last round a bit tighter than usual.

  • We don’t need to weave in any ends as we can just tuck them in underneath the cover.

Save for Later
A photo of a pair of black headphones with yellow crocheted earpiece cushions. The background is off white. Above the image is orange text which reads "How to Crochet Headphone Covers". This image is here specifically to save this post to pinterest.

The Pattern

Begin with mr. (See my Magic Ring tutorial for a recap)

Round 1: 6 sc into centre of ring. Pull ring closed and ss into first sc to join. Mark the join. (6)

Round 2: 2 sc into first st from join. 2 sc into each st including the marked st. Ss into first st to join. Mark the join. (12)

Round 3: * 1 sc in first st, 2 sc in next * repeat til end. Ss into 1st st to join. Mark the join. (18)

Round 4: * 2 sc in first st, 1 sc in next two * repeat til end. Ss into 1st st to join. Mark the join. (24)

To Make a Larger Cover

If you need to make a larger cover, add more rounds here. Be sure to increase by 6 stitches for each additional round you add and alternate where you add the increases like in the previous rounds, to keep the shape circular.

For example:

Round 4.1: * 1 sc in next three, 2 sc in next * repeat til end. Ss into 1st st to join. Mark the join. (30)

Round 4.2: * 2 sc in first st, 1 sc in next four * repeat til end. Ss into 1st st to join. Mark the join. (36)

… and so on.

Measure the cover against your earpiece to check the size. Once the size of your cover matches the diameter of your earpiece, stop increasing and continue as follows.

Round 5: Working into the blo, sc into each st. Ss into blo of 1st st to join. Mark the join. (24)

Round 6: Sc into each st. Ss into 1st st to join. Mark the join. (24)

Round 7: Repeat round 6.

My cushions end here but if you have deeper edges then continue repeating round 6 until you have enough edge to cover the sides of your earpieces.

Cut the end and pull the loop up, so that the end of the yarn is pulled through the st, and tighten. Fold the ends into the inside of the cover before putting it onto your ear piece and you’ve finished your first headphone cover! Now make another for the second side.

I really hope you enjoyed making this pattern to save your existing headphones instead of buying new ones. Tag me on instagram @by.goldenberry with your makes, I would love to see how they turned out.


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